Style guide
Resource Guide

Create a style guide to match the visual identity, writing conventions, voice and tone of Mount Royal University to create a consistent brand identity for all technical documents. Using this style guide create a resource guide outlining cybersecurity best practices for students on behalf of MRU Information Technology Services.

As a partnership it was important to layout expectations of the document in a project proposal. The project proposal included:
   Scope of project
   Estimation of workload
   Deliverable deadlines
   Supervisor review
After creating a workflow plan with my partner outlining who is responsible for each part of the project, we set ourselves deadlines and organized meeting times to make sure that we were supporting each other the best we could.
The next step was to determine the target Audience for both documents to make the content on each document most relevant to them.
Once the target audience was determined my partner and I could start brainstorming content to be included in each document keeping the audience in mind. When the content was gathered we organized it in to sections and subsections and wire framed our documents.
By making a word template with custom styles it ensured that both group members could operate within the same formatting to reduce the amount of editing needed later on.
After submitting our drafts to peers and supervisors we edited the documents for content, and clarity, according to the feedback received- ensuring the proper usage of the style guide.

The outcome of this process is a document specifically tailored to a target audience based on a style guide to ensure consistent styling and voice. By organizing and planning beforehand it helped keep the group on track and complete the project on the deadline. Good communication was key when working on this project to make sure the documents were cohesive; since all the work was done remotely, each individual had to work on their section before migrating it with the rest of the project. 
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